Welcome to the Pics/Progress page.  This page will show the latest screenshots and coolness from TFQ. 
We also plan to show some "behind the scenes" shots of our progress on the conversion and glimpses of things to come...   Check back often.

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Sideswipe's Jetpack
An image of Sideswipe's jetpack in action.   
Prowl in Car Mode in Q2
Prowl in car mode.   
Prowl in Robot Mode in Q2
Prowl in robot mode.   
I can fly!!! I can fly!!!   Look out below!   You can fly, but you cant hide!
Three images of jetpack mode for Sideswipe.   
WS1Thumbnail.jpg (6329 bytes)
Wheeljack's grenade launchers fring in secondary mode, which sets the grenades to explode upon contact with anything at all.    [6-4-98]
WS2Thumbnail.jpg (5287 bytes)
Wheeljack's grenade launchers firing in standard mode.   [6-4-98]
SD3Thumbnail.jpg (5589 bytes)
This image is of Sideswipe's shoulder-mounted rocket launcher in action.     [5-26-98]
WD2Thumbnail.jpg (5802 bytes)
This image is of Wheeljack's dual shoulder-mounted grenade launchers.    [5-26-98]


This section showcases some "works-in-progress" images from TFQ.   More character images can be found on each character's individual page.  Click here.

Click here for larger pic
Prowl with skin.  In Progress.    [8-24-98]
Click here for larger pic
Updated Prowl pic taken in NST.  Go to news from 6/24/98 for explanation.    [6-24-98]
Click here for larger pic
Transforming View:  what the player sees while transforming     [6-20-98]
Click here for larger pic
CarView:  what player sees after transforming, behind the vehicle     [6-20-98]
Transform and roll out!
Transforming:  pics I took of Eric at different points in the transform    [6-20-98]
Click here for larger pic
An progress image of an unskinned Prowl in md2 format taken from NST.    [6-10-98]

 Concept "Art"

Here's some sketches that I've made while getting familiar with the characters to be modeled.  Some of them were just done for fun.  They were all drawn pretty small, so there's no great amount of detail.  They just are what they are...  -Jay

PrimeThumbnail.jpg (6345 bytes)

Doodle of Optimus Prime    [7-30-98]

ShockwaveThumbnail.jpg (3685 bytes)
Character sketch of Shockwave    [7-30-98]
ProwlThumbnail.jpg (3194 bytes)
Character sketch of Prowl.    [6-3-98]
RavageThumbnail.jpg (4744 bytes)
Character sketch of Ravage.    [6-3-98]

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