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TFQ is a "conversion" for Quake2, which means anyone who owns a copy of Quake2 by id software will be able to play the game.  The characters, weapons, levels, etc that we are creating will replace the original Quake2 models and environment.  Note that this will NOT affect your copy of Quake2 in any way, and you will be able to play regular Quake2 just as before.  As this game is totally unofficial, it will be free to whoever wants it.  Neither Hasbro, Takara nor ID Software will support this game, so don't bother to email them with any questions about it, because they won't reply (or even know what you're talking about).


As you could probably guess, TFQ stands for Transformers Quake, though that is a working title only. The focus of the game is to put the player into the shoes (wheels?) of various Autobots as they fight together to stop the tyranny of the Decepticons. The game is based entirely on the first 'generation' of Transformers, and has no ties to the "Beast Wars Transformers" or later storylines or characters. Most of the game's characters stem from the first few years that Transformers toys were in production.

The initial purpose of this project was to create a single player adventure, multiplayer support has since been added. The look of the game will tend towards realism, with the models combining the best aspects of both the toys and the cartoon. There will be characters with unique abilities beyond simply shooting a weapon, which should make the game more challenging. Scenarios are planned for Earth-based environments such as cities and the underwater Decepticon base (from the show), as well as the mechanical homeworld of the Transformers, Cybertron. Gameplay will largely resemble Quake2. Some notable differences in single play:

Your Character can be chosen when starting a single player game or when pressing "o"

Your Character is fully transformable. Characters can transform from robot form to vehicle and back again.

Depending on what character you are using, your character may be able to transform into one of the following modes:                               

car  drivable
dino  grimlock
flyer  swoop
insect  sticks to wall when in air (jump onto wall)
jet  flys, shoots machine gun
static  doesn't move, shoots out guided missiles
tank  shoots rockets
gun  shockwave

Weapons are represented by different Autobot and Decepticon character weapons and abilities

Robots don't breathe, so you can stay underwater as long as you like.

In a possible future release most weapons will have 2 different firing modes to toggle between (some characters will be able to pick up a secondary weapon and then switch between that and the default)

With the Enhanced features of Quake2Max, the game now has greatly improved weapon effects; atmosphere effects; texture effects and lighting. In fact Quake2Max supports 32bit high colors, so expect to see more detailed textures added to the game in time.

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Weapons are found more than once in various places through the game. Weapons are found spinning and hovering in various locations.. The standard gun icons on the bottom of the screen that represent your current weapon will be replaced by the faces of the different members of your team.

AUTOBOT WEAPONS:  (Already In Game)






Optimus Prime
















TFQ's method of obtaining items such as shields, ammo, and such is very much like Quake's normal method, but has one added element: some "power-ups" are represented as fellow Autobot characters. Touching them will give you the option of activating their special abilities, such as impenetrable shields, super strength, health boost, etc. Some of these will be only temporary. Power Items will be found rotating in various places throughout the game. The list below does not include all the power-ups, and skips some of the standard items, such as rockets, cells, etc.


Hound's Holograms       Hound's Shoulder mounted hologram gun - Can project a 3 dimensional duplicate of your character by using laser light

                                     Function - Scout

Mirage's Invisibility        Mirage's rear mounted electro disrupter - Distributing discrete packets of electrical charges can produce a cloaking effect

                                     Function - Counter Intelligence

Sideswipe's Rocket back pack         Sideswipe's rocket back pack can provide your character limited flight ability for a short period of time

                                                        Function - Warrior

Trailbreaker (Autobot capable of generating a defensive power shield. Gives temporary invulnerability)

Jazz (Autobot that has grappling hook; again, tentative. And again, a weapon character, so hook would be found separately)

The Autobot Matrix of Leadership          The Autobot's Legendary Relic of accumulated wisdom produces Health Regeneration



MISC ITEMS:  (Already In Game)

Portable Sentry Turrets

Energion Cubes

Energy Rods

Fuel Canisters

Energy Maximizer (Quad Damage)

Transformers Symbol (Camoflage Paint)

Unstable Energon Cube (Mega Health)



Ratchet (Medic. Gives super health charge)

Ironhide (Autobot veteran. Player gets shot easily and quite often. Just kidding! Don't know if ol' Ironhide will make it in the game...)

Gears (Autobot that gives infrared/night vision. A good excuse to get Gears in the game :)

Brawn (Very strong, tough Autobot. His power item is much like Doom's "berserk." Player is indestructible AS LONG AS he remains as Bumblebee and uses his fists (which will have enhanced damage). Maybe we will actually temporarily replace the Bumblebee model with Brawn, until it wears off. "Let's bend some pig-iron!")


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This is the ideal list. Also, keep in mind that even though there is an ambitious amount of enemies listed below, some of them share the same body design as the others, so they will be easier to add to the game than a brand new model. Whether a given character transforms or not will depend on the usefulness of his alternate form for battle. More detailed descriptions of how they behave will be found on their character page as they are developed.





Ravage  (Planned for next release)

Rumble  (Planned for next release)






















Plus, there will be a few more surprise guests...


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v 1.8


This FAQ was last updated on Saturday, October 14, 2017 at 01:20:19 PM


Q:  I can't get TFQ to work.  Help!

A:  Here are some general things to check for if you have problems running TFQ:

·         Make sure to follow the Installations Instruction in the exact order shown on this page

·         There should be no "gamex84.dll" in the root Quake2 directory. That can definitely screw things up.

·         Also, make sure the batch files are located in your Quake2 directory. They won't work anywhere else unless you rewrite them

Q: Error message: Could not open OpenGL API

A: Looks like you might have a video card or driver issue...

Open your maxconfig.cfg file and your config.cfg file in both \\quake2\baseq2 and \\quake2\tfq

In each file...
Look for the line that says: set gl_driver "3dfxgl"

Change it to: set gl_driver "opengl32"

NB you may have to right click on each file first and select properties and untick "read only" before editing the files.


Q: Error: Couldn't load pics/....pcx           (or something similar)

A: Corrupted or missing PAK or Install file or the CD is not in drive


Q: The game freezes or produces an out of memory error


1. Corrupted or incompatible video card / video card driver

2. Not enough physical memory / RAM

3. Low in system resources

4. 3rd party application / program interference


Q: How do I determine if the problem is due to a 3rd party program?


1. Windows XP..

Start - Run
Type msconfig
Click OK
Put a dot next to selective startup
Untick load startup items
Click on the services tab
Tick hide all microsoft services
Click disable all
Click ok
Click yes to restart PC

Then test  TFQ
If the game works then the problem IS due to a 3rd party program

To set back to normal:
Start - Run
Type msconfig
Click OK
Put a dot next to normal startup
Click ok
Click yes to restart PC

2. Windows 98 / ME

Start - Run
Type msconfig
Click OK
Put a dot next to selective startup
Untick load startup/ startupgroup items
Click ok
Click yes to restart PC

Then test  TFQ
If the game works then the problem IS due to a 3rd party program

To set back to normal:
Start - Run
Type msconfig
Click OK
Put a dot next to normal startup
Click ok
Click yes to restart PC


Q: The game quits back to the desktop upon opening

A: Refresh rate setting of video card. Adjust refresh rate to be adapter default. Right Click on desktop click properties


Q: Why cant I load my saved games? Every time I try to load one of my saved games the game crashes.





Copy these three files (above)  in to the following folders on your pc:



Change the attributes of the files to "read only"
If you want to change graphic or keyboard settings, edit the files instead of changing settings while ingame.

Run the game by executing \\Quake2\Q2max.exe

Select single player game to start TFQ.

The gaming saving and reopening should be more consistant.
From then on it might occasionally not save correctly, but in most cases it should.


Q:  I have downloaded a Character Skin from the web, how do I view it in the game?


  1. You will need to know what model the skin was designed for eg the male model; or female model; or sideswipe model etc etc.
  2. Then you will need to copy the skin into the appropriate model's folder. 
     eg \\Quake2\tfq\players\male   or   \\Quake2\tfq\players\female  or   \\Quake2\tfq\players\sideswipe

    Also ensure that the skin comes with an extra pcx file with the same name as the skin followed by _i.pcx    eg sideswipe_i.pcx  (This pcx file is used in game at the multiplayer setup page to identify your character by displaying a portrait.)

Q:  I have downloaded a Character Model from the web, how do I view it in the game?


  1. Extract or copy the model folder to the following location: \\Quake2\tfq\players\    e.g. \\Quake2\tfq\players\Sideswipe
  2. Edit the list.txt file found in \\Quake2\tfq\server

Edit the list.txt file as follows...

Column 1 Column 2 Column 3 Column 4 Column 5
Character Name Model Name Skin Name Transform Class Autobot/Decepticon

Q:   How do I change the order of the maps available when selecting a multiplayer game?

A:    Edit the maps.lst file using notepad. The maps.lst file is found in \\Quake2\tfq\

Q:  Hey, when I'm playing TFQ and switch to 3rd person view I get this clear / bright looking character, is this just a glitch with the camera or do I need to be running TFQ in OpenGL?

A:  If you are in 'god' mode, the model appears mostly transparent with bright white highlights all over the place. Otherwise, it should look normal, whether you're in GL mode or not.

Q:  When I'm playing TFQ and switch to 3rd person view I get this character model with a voice balloon over its head saying “no skin”, is this a glitch with the game?

A:   No. The character you have selected does not have a skin or model installed in the correct location. The correct location for models and skins to be installed is : \\quake2\tfq\players\<name of character>\

Q:  I've tried to download the TFQv... exe / zip, but I get a ‘This is not a valid win32 application’ error, just plain can't get it.

A:  You'll just have to keep trying to get it. Sometimes the server has problems, but there's nothing we can do about it. We test it periodically and it usually works fine.   A good time to try might be late at night or early in the day, when there's less server traffic. Broadband internet will find downloading much more reliable due to the large size of the game. If using a dial up modem you may find a download managing program to be useful  (such as getright or flashget)

Q:  Will you convert TFQ to work with other games, like Unreal?

A:  Right now all focus is on a Quake2-based game.  There are no plans to adapt TFQ to other game engines.  If that changes, we'll let you know.

Q:  Can I be a beta tester?

A:  For now all testing is being done "in house".  We may open up testing to outside individuals in the future.  If so, we will start with those who have written requesting to beta test, as they have been put on a list.

Q:  I have no experience, but I'd like to help out.

A:  Thanks for the offer, but we can't take the time to teach anybody how to model/skin/map/etc from the ground up.  That would actually _slow_down_ the progress on the game, and nobody wants that.

Q:  How much will TFQ cost?

A:  Not a thing, Baby!  This game will be FREE to anyone who wants to download it.  The only requirement is that you have purchased id software's Quake2, as that is the "game engine" that TFQ uses to work its magic.

Installation Instructions          < click here for a Printable version >

Follow these instructions in the exact order shown

  1. Install Quake2   -from your Quake2 CD by ID Software
    Install Quake 2 3.20 patch
  2. Install Quake2 Max
    Download Quake2 Max then extract all of its files directly to your Quake2 Install folder
    ie C:\program files\Quake2
    You may need to have Winrar or Winzip installed to do this.
  3. Install TFQ  (only the latest version is required; found here- TFQv3d)
  4. To be sure the files are installed in the correct order... 




Copy these three files (above)  in to the following folders on your pc:

ie C:\program files\Quake2\baseq2

ie C:\program files\Quake2\tfq

Change the attributes of the files to "read only"
(If you want to change graphic or keyboard settings, edit the files instead of changing settings while ingame.)

    6. Run the game by executing \\Quake2\Quake2maX.exe
        ie Quake2maX.exe  is found in your Quake 2 Install directory
    7. Select single player game to start TFQ.




Keyboard Commands          < click here for a Printable version >






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