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TFQ: A Quake 2 TC
Next Release! 11/28/19
20th Anniversary Release!

Progress - Picture History of TFQ (from past to future)
Story - Game Plot;  Transformers History
FAQ / About - Features and frequently asked questions
Characters - The good, The bad, and the ugly of TFQ
Maps / Levels - Current maps and Levels
Team - The who's who behind TFQ
Downloads - Where to go to get the goods
Links - Well...duh... 
Tutorials - Class is in session with The Team
Servers - Find servers running TFQ 
Message Board - We have ways of making you talk
Team Only - You know who you are...
Jay's Resume - Potential employers click here
Credits - Shoutouts to Hosts and Supporters


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11/28/2017 - Website Update - TFQ2 19 Years and still going!  Current Version: 4.04


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