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Name:  Jason Seip
Email:  jay@telefragged.com
Age:     26
Location:  Pennsylvania, USA.
Willing to Relocate:  Yes

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Personal Info: I have a degree in mechanical engineering from Penn State, but learned during my 2+ years in the satellite industry that the field couldn't fulfull me the way that animation and working on computer games does. I am self-taught in the use of Lightwave 3D and Photoshop, having worked with them extensively over the past couple years to create new models and animation for the Quake games. I've led the Transformers Quake2 conversion for almost 2 years, and have been exposed to many aspects of game design and creation. In that time I have created static 'ground' models, numerous 'view weapon' models and animated various player/character models. I also have a great deal of experience creating 2D skin mesh layout for characters. 

My focus for 3D work has centered on low-poly model creation and character animation. I have recently begun experimenting with building high-poly models and using renders of them to create skins. For the best representation of my efforts, download and run our Transformers mod. Some stuff in it is pretty old, but it all stands up reasonably well, IMHO. The textfile included with the download explains which models I did, but in a nutshell: I made virtually all the models in the game, except for some of the player models. The player models I made were Sideswipe(w/ Red Alert variant), Prowl (w/ Bluestreak/Smokescreen variants), Mirage, and Wheeljack.


This is a character designed by Kevin 'Rorshach' Johnstone for the upcoming Quake3: Arena mod, Head Hunters 3. I can't dislose any more about her at this time, but she will be very spry and an intimidating presence. The model has under 900 faces, and is currently being animated. I've shown the skin mesh to demonstrate some of my mapping techniques. The edges marked in red are the body and upper legs, the edges marked in yellow are the head and neck. The pose is something I created to get a feel for her personality and nature.

* Note: I can supply more images and go into more depth for potential employers.

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HH3_PoseThumb.jpg (6630 bytes)               HH3_MeshThumb.jpg (35788 bytes)


Directly below are 3 stills from the transform animation I made for my Prowl player model for the Transformers Quake2 mod. The sequence is the character going from robot to car mode, then back to robot mode. Below that is a still from an animation of the transform that I have posted for download (which animates at 10 frames per second, the Q2 standard). The transform frames in the avi are bookended by frames from the player model's "stand" animation, that's why they do not transition perfectly. The skin below is a "Capture the Flag" red team variant I created. The skin used for the animation is the actual Prowl character, which I created as well. The entire player model and its skins can be found on the downloads page.

ProwlDemo.jpg (36965 bytes)

ProwlTransform.jpg (16435 bytes)


Here are shots of two more of my player models, Sideswipe (684 faces) and Mirage (744 faces).  Skinwork by Rikki Knight, myself, and others.  Click to enlarge.

SideDemoThumb.jpg (23100 bytes)       MirageDemoThumb.jpg (22344 bytes)


I made an avi that recreates the segue animation from the old cartoon series. It features music that is taken directly from the show. A version of this animation in the ".cin' format which can be played within Quake2 can be found on the downloads page as well.

Cutscene.jpg (15736 bytes)


Below is a higher quality model I made of one of the guns from the Transformers mod. I built this so I could take renders of it and use them for the skin of the game version of the gun. The inset image is the original toy I used for reference.

JazzGun.jpg (15184 bytes)


Two images I put a lot of effort into.  Both are centered on comic book characters.  And if you didn't read "The Maxx", well, the dialogue won't exactly make sense...

ShadowHawkThumb.jpg (16666 bytes)                             MaxxThumb.jpg (17725 bytes)


These are some sketches I made to get a feel for various characters.

ProwlSketch.jpg (25876 bytes)        RavageSketch.jpg (37785 bytes)        ShockwaveSketch.jpg (30246 bytes)