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If You Have Something to Offer to the Project and Want to Take Part...

Making a level for TFQ is essentially just like making a regular Quake2 level (i.e. some new entities).  The main difference is that some of the original Q2 objects will appear differently and have another function in TFQ
(for example, if your map calls out 'stimpacks', what will appear instead will be fuel canisters that hold fuel for the jetpacks).  A textfile with all the equivalent objects as they stand now can be found here

Besides mappers, we could also use skilled help making textures for the levels of TFQ.   It'd be nice to start building a collection of .wals and prefabricated map parts, that all mappers could use in their maps.  If you're able to do this, please write us. 
That's about it for right now, though if you have a related skill that you are good at, and have past experience editing with the Quake/Quake2 engine, you *can* still write us. 

Anyone who feels they have something to contribute to TFQ should fill out the application below.


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