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TFQ Related Web Sites

Transformers Related Web Sites

Quake2 Addons Takara & Hasbro Collector Figures
Modelling Tutorials Transformers Episodes & Movie
Modelling Animation Frames Transformers Music
Modelling Programs Transformers Voice Actors
Skin Mapping Transformers Comics
Skinning / Texture Painting Various Related  Links
General Quake News  & Resources  


TFQ Related Web Sites

Canobis’ Maps

Ancient1’s Web Site

Qasar’s Space Bridge

Redline’s (Sundance’s)  TFQList and TFQ Skins


Quake2 Addons

Quake 2 Models


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Modelling Tutorials

Phukyumoto's Modelling Tutorial  >> Essential for Replacing TFQ Models

Kray-Zee's Modelling Page (tips and tutorials):

Quake2: Modelling Studio (has lots of tools/tutorials):


 Modelling Animation Frames

TFQ’s Model Animation Frames  >> Essential for Replacing TFQ Models
Author: Phukyumoto


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Modelling Programs

Q2Modeller Original Version 0.9b - Phillip Martin  (Free)


3D Studio Max     Discreet

Character Studio     Discreet

MD2 file format (Quake 2's models) Written by David Henry

Making Quake 2 Player Models using Lightwave

Model Editor


Skin Mapping

NST NPherno's Skin Tool, version 0.9 beta 3

NST and other Quake2 modelling tools (eg Quake2 Modeller etc)

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Skinning / Texture Painting

Paint Shop Pro      JASC

Photoshop      Adobe

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General Quake News and Resources

Blues News              

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Transformers Related Web Sites - including the Complete Transformers Listing Pages
Your one stop source for Transformers on the net.

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Transformers Takara & Hasbro Collector Figures


Takara       (Japanese)


E-Hobby     (Japanese)

HLJ  Hobby Link Japan

Toys R Us
Toys R Us

Transformers on Ebay

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 Transformers Episodes & Movie


Madman Entertainment

Video Flicks
Transformers DVDs and Videos at Video Flicks

Transformers DVDs and Videos at Amazon

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Transformers Music

Transformers The Movie Soundtrack

Vince DiCola's Web Site
TDRS Music

Stan Bush's Web Site
L.A. Records

Stan's "In This Life" CD Sample


Spectre General - Kick Axe


Bigbot's Transformers Music List

Robert J Walsh

Transformers The Movie

Transformers The Movie 2007


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Transformers Voice Actors

For a comprehensive list of the voice actors click here

Voice Actor's Home Pages

Beau Weaver
Charlie Adler
Corey Burton
Dan Gilvezan
Dick Gautier
Frank Welker
Gregg Berger
Hal Rayle
Jack Angel ;
Maurice LaMarche
Michael Bell
Michael Chain
Neil Ross
Philip Clarke
Peter Cullen
Frank Welker
Rob Paulsen

Other Transformers Voice Actors can be found listed at Voice Chasers:


Voice Actors Fan Pages

Frank Welker

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Transformers Comics

Dreamwave Productions

A brief summary of every transformers comic book back issue

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Various Related  Links

First Transformer Quake Mod (link broken)

Remy's Transformers Collection


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