January 5th, 2003 - Driving wheels  Pulled an all nighter a couple nights ago and built a scene for my Advanced Special Effects class. A practice using dynamics. Check it here.

December 12th, 2002 - Grizzly  I built a low poly bear for a texturing and animation class. I liked how it turned out, he has a page in the LowPoly section now with some screenshots and i'll put up an animation when it finishes rendering.

November 19th, 2002 - specimen1  I put a page in thigh poly section for a strange monster i've been workin on lemme know what you think.

June 19th, 2002 -  Q3 STARSCREAM  Finally got Starscream off the bunson burner, he's up for download now. Also for the Maya modelers out there I uploaded the character template I threw together to line up Screamer in Maya. It's on the Method page. Enjoy.

 June 7th, 2002 - school Been a bit busy with school lately and trying to find a way to work here in the states. Studying abroad doesn't come cheap. I'm planning on finishing up a couple minor touches on Starscream by lets say July.

  December 28th, 2001 - TFQ and Starscream ISo everyone knows, TFQs final release is done. Im very proud to have worked on this game, Q2 just got a whole lot more fun! http://www.telefragged.com/transformers Also, i've put Shockwave up for download as a regular Q2 Player model.

Been working on something new for Quake 3, check out the random render to the right to see what it is. Got him all rigged, textured and workin on anims now.

   September 28th, 2001 - satan's little helper   I finally uploaded the animation that I did last semester of the Beast. You can see it in the HighPoly section, its a pretty hefty download at 50 megs tho but if ya wanna see what I was workin on last semester check it.

July 19th, 2001 - satan's little helper   The evil little character im workin on right now is done. I have a little story and animation im doing with him now. I hope to convert him to Q3 but right now he is just too high poly and his hair and beard are done with Maya fur.

    July 6th, 2001 - ooh Scary!!   I got an award for my Brawl and Galvatron models and skins from the Monsterhouse. Its shining away over in the LowPoly section. 

    June 22nd, 2001 - Coming along,..Brawl is done, I gave him shaders on his eyes and touched up the skin a bit.

   June 20th, 2001 - Brawl, Quake 3 My Brawl PPM which was made for TFQ was originally skinned with 16 million colors. I Still have the skin and i'm going to be releasing Brawl for Q3A quite soon. Screenshots to come. 0

   May 29th, 2001 - BEHOLD,..Galvatron!  My first Quake 3 Arena player  model is done, Galvatron! I've also uploaded a Quake 2 version of the model. The Quake2 version is in need of a skin. So if you can pusha the pixel, give him a whirl.

   May 5th, 2001 - Hostage!  Woo I now have my own Polycount cottage! Big thanks to R13
















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