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Wednesday, November, 2018 - posted by Alpha-Prime

Computer update!

This year is a long overdue computer update, I have been using my home built computer since 2006 or so, it has reached the end of its upgradeable lifespan and so I built a new one!
So this means no minor code update this year, but this is not all bad news,
We are gearing up for next years 20th Anniversary All Inclusive Release!! So get excited now, you will be seeing minor progress updates all through the year.

See them on our Official Forums, or our Official Facebook Page!

We also have a new server that runs on the weekends, check it and any other servers on our Server Page.

Sunday, October 22, 2017 - posted by Alpha-Prime

Added Vwep animation tutorial to tutorials section

I have added a new tutorial on how to animate vweps (viewable weapon models) to the tutorial section, this shows
aligning your model in Q2modeller and how to export it, it is missing how to re-skinmap it after animation so I may
add to it later, right now it is as it was posted on its original site.

If you want to animate weapons after you already animated your model you can go here now!

Monday, October 16, 2017 - posted by Alpha-Prime

TFQ server tutorial updated with master server info

I have added info on master server which we are using since the id masters shut down long ago.
In order for your server to show in the TFQ server browser or on the Servers page you need to add 'setmaster' to your server config file or type in manually in the server console,
I only managed to make it register using the specified port number, you may have more success!
It may take a while for it to show up, and you WILL have to ensure the port you use is open through your router. has tutorials for this!

Monday, October 9, 2017 - posted by Alpha-Prime

TFQ is on a new URL!

In preparation for the next release, which will be a 'Website Update' I am now hosting the TFQ website on its own URL, with Awardspace as the hosting provider.
This also means its time to overhaul the site and make it more concise and unified, and also a bit nicer looking :), just look at the team page to see the difference!

Monday, November 28, 2016 - posted by Alpha-Prime

TFQ Version 4.06 'Annual Update' Patch Released

This is the next of our scheduled 'annual updates'.
This patch is very small it fixes some tiny bugs.
For more details visit our forums at: TFQ OFFICIAL FORUM
Or join our Facebook Group Page

To be fully up to date the TFQ Version 4.04 F.A.I.R Release is all you need, this download is optional.

Get the 4.06 Release at FILEFRONT HERE *NEW* (Link failed, need to re upload)
We are working on a new website as Telefragged is now gone.

The next TFQ2 'F.A.I.R' *'Full All Inclusive Release' is planned for 11/28/2019 (This will include all current finished work in 'one download', these will be every five years, In between years will be patches.)

Saturday, November 28, 2015 - posted by Alpha-Prime

TFQ Version 4.05 'Annual Update' Patch Released

This is the next of our scheduled 'annual updates'.
This patch is very small it fixes some tiny bugs.
For more details visit our forums at: TFQ OFFICIAL FORUM
Or join our Facebook Group Page

To be fully up to date the TFQ Version 4.04 F.A.I.R Release is all you need, this download is optional.

Get the 4.05 Release at FILEFRONT HERE *NEW* (Link failed, need to re upload)

The next TFQ2 'F.A.I.R' *'Full All Inclusive Release' is planned for 11/28/2019 (This will include all current finished work in 'one download', these will be every five years, In between years will be patches.)

Friday, December 5, 2014 - posted by Alpha-Prime

New .cin Quake II Cinematic Tutorial Uploaded

It's been quite a while since we've had a non release piece of news posted here so here we are!
I've uploaded the very in-depth tutorial for making the Quake2 cinematic files (.cin) that come with Quake2 and TFQ2, This was the tutorial I used as a base to make the .cin files that come with our mod.

This tutorial has been lost from the internet, but like all things that help TFQ it resides here now!

Friday, November 28, 2014 - posted by Alpha-Prime

TFQ Version 4.04 'Annual Update' F.A.I.R (Full all inclusive release) Released
Happy Thanksgiving!

This release is a full, all inclusive release with no additional patches required
For more details visit our forums at: TFQ OFFICIAL FORUM
Or join our Facebook Group Page

To be fully up to date only this download is required.

Get the 4.04 Release at FILEFRONT HERE *NEW*

The next TFQ2 'F.A.I.R' *'Full All Inclusive Release' is planned for 11/28/2019 (This will include all current finished work in 'one download', these will be every five years, In between years will be patches.)

Thursday, November 28, 2013 - posted by Alpha-Prime

TFQ Version 4.03 'Annual Update' Patch Released!
Happy Thanksgiving!

This is the next of our scheduled 'annual updates'.
This patch is very small it fixes some tiny bugs.

The next release will be a full, all inclusive release with no additional patches required

For more details visit our forums at: TFQ OFFICIAL FORUM
Or join our Facebook Group Page

To be fully up to date all four downloads are required.

Get the 4.00 Release: FILEFRONT HERE
Get the 4.01 patch at FILEFRONT HERE
Get the 4.02 patch at FILEFRONT HERE
Get the 4.03 patch at FILEFRONT HERE *NEW*

The next TFQ2 'F.A.I.R' *'Full All Inclusive Release' is planned for 11/28/2014 (This will include all current finished work in 'one download', these will be every five years, In between years will be patches.)

Wednesday, November 28, 2012 - posted by Alpha-Prime

TFQ Version 4.02 'Annual Update' Patch Released

This is the next of our scheduled 'annual updates'.

This patch is very small it fixes mainly the level transition bug.

There is much new content being worked on, but not much ready for this release.
TrialbreakerCW is still working on his models as well as adding more W.I.P ones to the list!

To be fully up to date all three downloads are required.

Get the 4.00 Release: FILEFRONT HERE
Get the 4.01 patch at FILEFRONT HERE
Get the 4.02 patch at FILEFRONT HERE *NEW*

The next TFQ2 'F.A.I.R' *'Full All Inclusive Release' is planned for 11/28/2014 (This will include all current finished work in 'one download', these will be every five years, In between years will be patches.)

Monday, November 28, 2011 - posted by Alpha-Prime

TFQ Version 4.01 'Annual Update' Patch Released

This is the first of our new scheduled 'annual updates'.
The plan is simple, every year on November 28th we release a patch of all new finished content, this helps the community to stay active and gives everyone a target to shoot for.

This patch fixes numerous bugs (though, sadly still not the Load/Save bug)
Adds several new player models, courtesy of the newest member of the Cybertronian Warriors: TrailBreaker(CW), and one of Lord Moto(CW)s earliest models all fixed up for use in TFQ complete with alt mode.
Also last years holiday map is included (for those who didn't get it by playing on the Temporary Holiday Server last year) called 'Christmas2010.bsp' it showcases our model and team startpoint support nicely.
The Transformers Quake II Server Browser is also included in this patch as well as many other fixes.

The new Trailbreaker model has no altmode yet so his class is set to NONE in the player list, all other models should be good to go and are already included in the list.txt:
PERCEPTOR (remolded from soundwave model)
AirGaurdian (old skyfire modelby TrailbreakeCW)
Junkion (old wreckgar model by TrailbreakerCW)

The in-game character menu has many more formatting options and "Headers are NO LONGER selectable :)"

Get the new 4.01 patch on FILEFRONT HERE

Saturday, March 28, 2011 - posted by Alpha-Prime

TFQ Server Browser Released

We now have our own server browser program, easily browse and join TFQ servers in real time.
Using as the master server since we have outlasted even ID softwares master server support!
Grab it on the download page.

TFQ's high resolution renderer is experimental, if you encounter difficulty starting TFQ then use the TFQ2_software,bat and change to 'med_gl' in the video menu

TFQv4.01 patch is being worked on and more player models are being made as we speak!

Saturday, November 28, 2009 - posted by Alpha-Prime

TFQ Version 4.00 '10th Anniversary Edition' Released

It is with great pride that, on behalf of the entire TFQ Team we release this anniversary edition of TFQ which also raises our version number to 4.00
It has been 10 whole years since the first TFQ release, much has changed much oil has pasted under the thermocoupling, but we are still kicking long after many quake2 mods have gone the way of the dodo.

This can only be due to our great community, staying with it through the buyout of our messageboard to all the TFQ teams various real life concerns, this version has the 'Lazarus mod code' by 'Maddog' Hyde merged with it, as well as full 4 Team capable CTF support , Fixed 'Catch the Matrix' mode, 'Cooperative mode', 'Blackout Brawl' gametype, improved tri-level graphic renderers, and of course the new 'FORGE-MODE' which brings user creativity into the mix, don't like how a maps setup,  change it!, add more spawnpoints, weapons, items even monsters for unique single player campaigns!. save it all to entity files and share them with other TFQ players, spread the joy!

Special Mentions go to those who have help us all on our journey: BOTCH'S BOXART ARCHIVE, THE LAZARUS QUAKE2 MOD, TCA, TASTYSPLEEN and of course our own TFQ Forum Users

So without further waiting grab the (5 times bigger then our last release) Full install file with every known finished TFQ map, model and character on FILEFRONT HERE

And if your curious how far we have come, have a look at our downloads archive page on on telefragged

Saturday, April 4, 2009 - posted by Alpha-Prime

TFQ Version 3.01d Patch Released

This is a much needed code patch for TFQv3d which fixes some major server crashing error's, such as the server crash when players exit.
You can grab this patch on filefront here

Thursday, April 2, 2009 - posted by Qasar

TFQ Progress Update

Hey all. As some of you may have noticed on the message boards lately, we're still alive and kicking!
For those that don't know him yet let me introduce Alpha Prime (aka Ancient1), who has been the major contributor to our current (and soon to be released) work. He has contributed in the areas of: coding; modelling; animation; testing; graphic design; effects design; game physics; multiplayer enhancements; ideas; enthusiasm... you name it!
Our next version will of course include new characters and new *content (*not limited to: new weapons; objects; textures; sounds; video etc) however this time around we also be including new code. Yes you heard it, new code. Thus dubbing our next version: "Version 4" (as opposed to "version 3e" etc).
Alpha Prime has been busy with the TFQ community, gathering ideas and wants for code changes. He has also implemented many of these changes. Kudos must also go out to the community for their support, ideas and sharing. Thanks all.
This next version will also include a new integrated GL Renderer (again thanks to Alpha Prime), thus breaking away from our current requirement of Quake2max for shiny hi-color textures.
If you havenít already done so, be sure to check out Multicron's Unicron map pack. Multicron's Unicron map pack plays out an entire storyline, which Iím certain youíll all find familiar. Youíll find his maps listed on the Maps / Levels page.

For TFQ fans, expect some exciting times ahead as we have many ideas and plans for future releases. As is long overdue... please welcome Alpha Prime.

Monday, July 21, 2003 - posted by Depth Charge

TFQ Version 3d Released

TFQ's new content only update is now available.  The biggest feature being support for Q2max.  Be sure to read the read me file located in the docs folder upon installing this update.  This has been a long time coming, but we feel the graphical improvements offered by Q2max make supporting this particular engine modification a no brainer.  We hope you enjoy this new update as we did putting it together for you, the members of the community.  We realize that some issues with Q2max might arise, and we look forward to addressing these concerns in another release, as with trying anything new, practice makes perfect.  This new version can be downloaded here

Sunday, July 13, 2003 - posted by Depth Charge

TFQ Progress Update

TFQ will soon have a massive content only update in the very near future.  This update's biggest feature will be support for Q2max, a major engine modification for Quake 2.  Q2max allows for some very nice features seen in Quake 3, you have to see it to believe it, it truly is like playing a whole new game.  One of the biggest advantages, is the allowance for 32bit skin textures, meaning character colors and detail that were once impossible, are now a reality.  Several new model replacements are also present, as well as skin replacements for some of the existing TFQ themed enemies.  Please note: We recommend backing up your maxconfig.cfg file, which will be located in the baseq2 directory, once you install Q2max.  We modified that particular file for TFQ, to allow for some single player start up perimeters.  While it is optional to keep the .cfg file we provided, we still recommend using it, while playing TFQ.  In the mean time, we recommend you download, and try Q2max, which is available here.  Finally, we are still going to, and always will, support regular Quake 2, for those fans who wish to still use plain old Quake 2 with TFQ.  We have enough resources to support both versions of TFQ, and will continue to do so into the future.

Thursday, April 17, 2003 - posted by Depth Charge

TFQ Updated

A new version of TFQ is now available.  While this update does not include any new code updates, it does include Bruticus's Galvatron model.  Qasar, an extremely dedicated fan over at our message boards, has helped us greatly in providing new content to make this update worth while to release.  In this update, you will find several more Transformer themed replacements, including additional enemy models, as well as replacement environmental objects, such as Decepticon themed banners and crates.  There is also a default.cfg file, which eliminates several saved game bugs present in TFQ.  In order for this file to be fully effective, it is highly recommend you start TFQ using one of the supplied bat files, as they too contain an extra command line.  Unfortunately, in order for this fix to work within Single player, the intro video no longer plays upon launching TFQ, but this trade off was worth it, especially when you see what is in store once you launch a new single player game.  Check the downloads page for a location to download this file.

Wednesday, February 26, 2003 - posted by Depth Charge

TFQ is Back!

It brings me great pleasure to inform everyone in the TFQ community that the Transformers Quake 2 site is now back online!  Its been quite sometime, but we do plan continuing to do a little more development in TFQ, before making the decision to go to a new engine.  Its great to have a home for TFQ again. :)

Friday, January 4, 2002 - posted by Depth Charge

TFQ Update

An update is available for TFQ that corrects some errors in the last release.  This release is a full version update, we recommend you delete your previous TFQ directory before installing this complete package.  Back up any necessary files, including skins and any custom maps.  You can find a direct link to the new update right here.
Here's a link to some screenshots.

Thursday, December 22, 2005 - posted by Jay and concurred with by Gears

Merry Christmas! (I'm as surprised as you about the update...)

Jay here, making one last update in the TFQ saga. After a lot of thought, I decided we should post an upgrade for people that want to play TFQ with the changes being made for version 3. The reason this was never posted before is because it wasn't finished and has numerous bugs, some of which even "break" some of the features we had in before (or at least, make them behave oddly).

The reason I decided to do this is because I know that some people have put in time and effort making their own player models, and never have been able to see them in action. Also, I still get periodic emails from people that want to know when the updates we worked on (and talked about) will be released. Also because with this release we're done - there is nothing left to post.

A WARNING: you may not like some of the things that have changed in this version - you really should make a backup of your current 'tfq' folder before installing the update.

You may already have some or many of the things included in the update, but I stuck a lot in to make the package complete. Some of the player models have additional things added for version 3 compatibility, so unless you have a reason not to overwrite the orginals, it's best to install them too.

Features/items included with the update:

- Plug in players now supported.

- Different transform classes now supported (car, jet, Grimlock, Swoop, and more)

- Can play single player as different characters.

- Capture-the-Flag and Capture-the-Matrix incorporated (see upgrade text for running).

- 'Unicron' map by MultiCron DK.

- 'Sherman Dam', 'brut', 'crystal', and 'moon' maps by Canobis.

- 'Hound' player model by Wes Thomason.

- Gears, Vibrate, Swoop, and Grimlock by Phukyumoto.

- As mentioned above, Grimlock stomps around, and Swoop can fly.

- Transform classes include support for casette players (Soundwave) and guns (Shockwave).

- Plus other tidbits.

To install, unzip the the files into your Quake2/tfq/ directory, overwriting files and retaining folder structures.

There is a textfile called "Upgrade Info for Version 3.txt" that has a lot of info in it that may help figure out what's new or changed. I made this while building the zip, so it's a little scattershot. Some of the highlights:

- Edit list.txt in the 'server' folder to add/remove player models.

- Edit maps.lst to tell tfq which maps to let you choose from when starting a mulitiplayer game.

- You may need to update your config.cfg, mainly to rebind commands that have changed (do this by bringing down the console). The two that immediately come to mind are the commands to view your button to switch to the chasecam, and the button to bring up the character menu. Those binds are:
bind <key> chasecam
bind <key> switch

Now, unfortunately, I should go over some of the problems you'll see with this release:

- If you eject Laserbeak from Soundwave, the only way to get back to Soundwave is if laserbeak is destroyed. Two ways to do this are to fly into energon, or into the 'sky' textures that border the edge of the maps. Two other problems with Laserbeak: first, he can't shoot, second, the camera is right inside him, so the view looks wierd.

- Energon cubes don't animate right.

- Many of the cars don't hit their vehicle mode properly, unless they use the same amount of animation frames as the plugin standard we set (you'll see what I mean).

- Transform animations skip frames.

- Some of the weapon sound coding got fuxored - I was able to fix most of it by renaming files, but if you try to change them again yourself it'll be really confusing.

- When you shoot as Shockwave in gun mode, he appears to revert to robot mode, even though he still behaves as a gun.

Please do not email me with bug lists or ideas for future changes. They aren't going to happen. With this release I am finished, and I don't see anyone picking up the torch. The truth is that game technology has moved far beyond what was capable with the Quake2 engine, and most people with the needed skills are going to want to work with newer games.

I hope you enjoy the changes and additions. If not, I hope you backed up your files. :)

Those of you who still use the TFQ messageboard to talk Transformers and game, by all means, continue to do so. I'm glad you guys are still keeping this place alive.

And to all a good night...

Friday, May 5, 2001 - posted by Depth Charge

The TFQ Message Board has now moved on to a new service.  While Ezboard was fine for over a year, the recent pop up ads have caused us to seek a private provider.  The Main link in the navigation bar has been updated, please register at our new message board to join the other members of the TFQ community.

Sunday, March 18, 2001 - posted by Depth Charge

The TFQ Skin Pack has reached v1.11, download it here

Wednesday, January 24, 2001 - posted by Depth Charge

We have a new irc chat channel as well as server, related to TFQ.  All welcome and incouraged to drop by, as we plan on having a team chat about v.03, where questions maybe asked of other core TFQ members, besides IronMagnus and myself.  There is no set date for this event, but do please check back here, as well as our message board.  Here is all the information you will need:

irc server:

Channel: #TFQ2

Tuesday, January 09, 2001 - posted by Depth Charge

Hey everyone, time for a TFQ v.03 code update.  Neil has managed too get the Single player and Cooperative versions of TFQ working nearly bug free for within the version v.03 release of TFQ.  You can use any class or character now in these two gametypes, so you are now no longer limited too the sideswipe model. :)  Here is a link to one of the screenshots.

Sunday, January 07, 2001 - posted by Depth Charge

The TFQ Skin Pack has been updated, the file can be found at this location.  The new version is 1.10.

Monday, December 25, 2000 - posted by Depth Charge

First off, Merry Christmas everyone, I hope you are all having a wonderful and safe holiday.  Secondly, MultiCron, one of the TFQ message board regulars, has released a treat for you all, I won't even tell you the map name, only provide you with the link.  Let me say, if you at all know your Transformers history (as you very well should. :)  You will be greatly surprised by what MultiCron has managed to pull off within the Quake 2 engine.

Thursday, November 23, 2000 - posted by Depth Charge

First of all have a very safe and enjoyable Thanksgiving holiday, and drive safely, both in real life and in TFQ. :)  Second of all, I have a new file for you guys today, I created it myself, its the TFQ Skin Pack, and since its for Quake 2, Transformer models, they are in .pcx format, which makes this skin pack weight in at a grand total of 5 megs, that may not sound like a lot, but believe me, it is.  :)  I managed to get this skin pack uploaded onto TFQ's file ftp server, at 3ddownloads, so without any further delay, here is the link to the file.  Enjoy :)

Saturday, November 04, 2000 - posted by Depth Charge

Visit the below link, it provides some rather detailed information on the status and availability of most Transformer Quake 2 models, so authors won't be making the same popular character. :)  It also provides downloads for each available model.

Friday, October 20, 2000 - posted by Depth Charge

Hello everyone, been awhile since any updates, so I thought I would provide you with some new information about what is going on here behind the scenes of TFQ.  The beta .03 release is due real soon now, and as such, I thought I would let you know what is planned for this release:

1.  Plug in Player model support.  This also allows you to rename the actual display name of the character shown on the character selection screen.  For example:  Say I want to use the sideswipe model, besides the default list.txt which contains the character sideswipe, I can rename sideswipe to Depth Charge, and my name would be there, on the selection screen, rather then sideswipe's and still be using the sideswipe model, this also applies to skins, you can select a skin that the model will default to, once you make your selection.  This also applies to models, you can now add your own model, to any of our available classes, which will all be listed for ease of use.  Please note, the server does have control over what content to allow the player to select, minimizing the chance of client cheats, making this a great system, assuming the server admin. doesn't abuse this him/herself :)

2.  In addition to the car and tank classes featured in beta .02, we have a huge amount of new classes and, as a natural result, new characters to choose from to go with these classes.  More information will be disclosed once everything for the next release is established.

3.  Some other/unconfirmed features are in the works as of this writing, stay tuned...TFQ is upon us once again :)

Saturday, August 12, 2000 - posted by Gears

Just a quick little news post for all y'all.  IronMagnus and Depth Charge took a bunch of screenies of two characters to be added to TFQ in a future release:  Swoop and Grimlock.  Here's two thumbnail links to larger pics.   If you want to take a look at all the pics that they took go here.

sg3thumb.jpg (5037 bytes)    sg20thumb.jpg (6529 bytes)


Wednesday, July 12, 2000 - posted by Gears

Hm.  Almost two months and no update.  You'll notice that in that time we've updated the list of servers that we know of.  Contact me if you know of any others.  Please visit the servers page for all needed info.  Also, on that page there is a server tutorial created by Can o' bis.  It's all you need to start your own server.  Check it out.

As usual, I haven't been at the message board and I haven't put the character pages up.  I'll give the work/life/starting school soon excuse right now (if you work tech support 9 hours a day, the last thing you want to do is sit in front of a PC in your free time), but the pages will be done.  Nothing extravagant.  I know I'll catch flak for them, but such is the way of the world. 

Small update on the game:  We recently received a new dll from Phantasiere and after playing it both Jay and I were tasting shoe leather right after our jaws hit the floor.  It's shaping up nicely.  Some of the more specific customizations are coming together and you will be amazed.  That is all.


Sunday, May 14, 2000- posted by Gears

Happy Mother's Day!  The post is a day or two late, but we'd like to announce that Phuky has released his Swoop model to the public.  Grab it here.


Also, Phuky has been hard at work on updating his Grimlock model.  At this point he's got the model ready for skinning and animating.   Here's a progress pic...

Grimlock Flat Shaded


Wednesday, May 3, 2000- posted by Gears

Just a quick note:  Our message board has been put up on the Community Showcase of   Thanks to all of you who visit the board.  For those that haven't been there yet, click here.


Saturday, April 22, 2000- posted by Gears

Finally, Gears has come to TFQ.  Can you smell what Phuky is cookin'?  Phukyumoto releases his Gears model today.  Without getting too kinky, you can now play as me (not with me, get your mind out of the gutter!) in Quake 2 deathmatch.  Grab me here!   NO! Not there! It hurts when you do that. Grab me HERE.


Thursday, March 23, 2000- posted by Gears

New images from a future player model.  Don't I look good?

    Gears Car ModeGears CW Clan SkinGears Robot Mode

Tuesday, March 21, 2000 - posted by Jay

Just with to clear something up with the files we just released, because I may not have explained them perfectly.  The TFQv02.exe is the entire collection of game files for people who can run the executable which will install the files.  The was made because some people had written in and said they can't run .exe files on their Macintosh computers.  But the files inside the .zip are exectly the same.

On a side note, I have no way of knowing just how well the game will work on the Mac platform, as I only have a PC.  I've been told that the models and sounds work just fine.  No word yet on if the new code works or not.  If any Mac users have troubles, feel to write me and we'll try to determine if the problem is a bug inherent to our game, or whether it's due to incompatibility.


Saturday, March 18, 2000 - posted by Jay and concurred with by Gears

Been quite some time.  Got a lot to cover in this post, so I'll get right into it.

We've got a new build of the game posted for download.  Not too many changes to note, but you can now play as the foreboding Soundwave in deathmatch.   We've also updated the docs to include instructions on starting the game with the sentry guns disabled.  This is something a lot of people have been requesting because the sentries can be a major source of lag in games with many people, as well as being just plain annoying.  :)  We included two new batch files as well, to make starting sentry-free games easily.  One starts a normal game with no sentries (tfqNoSentries.bat), the other starts a game with no sentries and cheats enabled (tfqcheatNS.bat).  Just double click them to start, they will be found in the Quake2 directory.

Three versions of the update are available for download:  (1) an installer for the entire mod, including all original and new files (2) an installer that simply adds the new files for those that already have the first version (3) the long-awaited zip file for Mac users.  Extract the files from the zip retaining their directory structure.  They will be put in a Quake2/ directory, so extract to the directory above Quake2 for everything to fall right into place.  Otherwise just unzip them to a temporary location and move them manually.  Here are the download links:

Full game (20 Megs):                        TFQv02.exe
Update from v01 to v02 (2 Megs):       TFQv1-2.exe
Zip of full game (21 Megs):      

If you have troubles getting the download to work, try sending your browser to telefragged's file directory for TFQ.  You should see the above files on that page.  Click on the desired file to download.  **Note that the browser is currently showing the files to be much smaller than they actually should be.  Please let us know if there's anything wrong with these files, and we'll reupload them.**


If you've been following the message board in the past month or so, you've read a lot of debate over the future of TFQ.  In short, we are stuck in a limbo with no end in site, because I haven't heard back from our programmer at all this year.   The problem is he never gave me his source code, so we can't pick up from where he left off.  That means no new weapons, power-ups, or most importantly, characters can be added to the game.  That leaves us with the option of starting over on Q2, or beginning from scratch on a new platform (like Q3 or Unreal Tournament).  However, you can tell by my lack of posts lately that free time has been hard to come by.  And it's going to get worse, because I'm beginning night course at a local college soon.   SO, in light of that, I've decided to end my work on the game at this point, and make TFQv02 the last 'official' release. 

We intend to keep the site up for some time yet, and everyone's welcome to keep using the message boards.  I hope people will still do skins for the characters, and especially hope that those who have started making maps will finish them.   There's no reason not to, as they can just be added to the maps folder and be instantly playable. 

Working on this project has been a good experience.  Sometimes frustrating, often fun.  Got to meet a lot of people, and it's cool to know there a plenty of transformers fans out there who are into this stuff pretty deeply.  It's been a good ride, and something I'm proud to have been part of.


Wednesday, January 26, 2000- posted by Gears

We got two new sites for you to visit.  First up, the new home of the Cybertronian Warriors:  

Second, there is a site up that is looking to serve as a focal point for TF skins:   Props to my man Mick Foley for taking on such a project.  If you want skins for TF models, go there.  If you have skins for TF models, get them up there.


Wednesday, January 12, 2000- posted by Gears

Sorry for the changes, but due to technical limitations encountered with the Bulletin Board offered by Telefragged, we have decided to open a new message board at   The link on the main page has been updated to reflect this.  The url for the board is:   We sincerely apologize for the 60 or so "lost" posts that are on the old board and we encourage you to visit us on the new board.


Tuesday, January 11, 2000 - posted by Jay

Some good stuff for you all today.  =)

First, we've posted the zip for a collection of Sideswipe skins that members of the Cybertron Warriors clan commonly use.  Pretty cool stuff.  Download the zip from here, and put it into Quake2/tfq/players/Sideswipe/.  Then just unzip all the files into that same directory and you're good to go.

Next, we figured out how to get the custom maps to show up on the multiplayer startup screen. Download this maps.lst by right clicking on the link and selecting Save As...  Save the file to your Quake2/tfq directory and they will appear when you create a multiplayer game.  If you ever add more maps to the game and want them to show up on the menu, just open up the map.lst file in a text editor and add the new map to the list.

Lastly, but certainly not least, we now have a public messageboard up so you can all talk shop about Transformers.  It should also be a help if you want to hook up with other TFQ players for heavy metal deathmatching.  Check it out.


Thursday, January 6, 2000 - posted by Jay

Short update this time.  Andrew Dowis is hoping to set up a TFQ server and play deathmatch with some fellow transformers fans.   Just email him to let him know you're interested, and he can send you his IP when he starts up a server.

We're going to try to get a messageboard from telefragged for the site.  Once that's up, TFQ players will be able to find each other and set up games, as well as talk about general transformer stuff.  Might also be helpful for those who want to trade troubleshooting tips.