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TFQ Current Version 4.04


To Find known servers that are running TFQ.
Visit the TFQ search results page at

IMPORTANT!:  In order for your server to show up here, or in the TFQ Server Browser, you MUST include 'setmaster' in your server config files!

Raw TFQ Server IP Information

TFQ Server Tutorial

So, you wanna know how to setup a dedicated TFQ server.   Well, thanks to Can o' bis, now you can.  He has created a TFQ server setup tutorial to help you out.  The tutorial is presented here in two flavours:  Long and Short.
NB If you have a Firewall installed be sure to configure it to allow connections to the game. This includes the windows XP firewall.

Long:   This is a single web page that includes all text and all images for the tutorial.   It is designed for users with T1/Cable modem/DSL connections.

Short:  This is one web page that contains just text with links to all images for the tutorial.  Use this if you are using a standard analogue modem.


TFQ Servers 2003

 Below is a list of known servers that are running TFQ.  You will note that it's a small list.  If you maintain or know of someone who maintains a TFQ server anywhere on Earth, please send me an email so I can get the info posted here. 
You will need to include all information listed below.

Name IP Address Days running Times running Miscellaneous Information
Ancient1 Check the  Discussion Board Check the Discussion Board The Discussion Board will list dates or times for events as they happen.


ONLINE as of  9/1/03 ONLINE as of  9/1/03 + .Enjoy. Thankyou to Cybertronic.          BTW : Be sure to have all download options set to yes to download maps and custom skins.

Alternate to Above

ONLINE as of  9/1/03  

Previous TFQ Servers

Name IP Address Days running Times running Miscellaneous Information
Can o' bis Almost all the time Almost all the time Server occasionally down for a few hours here and there.  Be sure to have all download options set to yes to download maps and custom skins.  Visit to get the maps and other info on the server.
Wes' Server (Defcon) Monday, Wednesday and Friday 12PM - 12AM Central US Time Have Fun.
Defcon1 (DK) ICQ me at 63357347 for my IP Weekends 12PM - 12AM Make sure to have all the download options set to yes to get the maps.
Charlie's Server Typically up 24/7 Typically up 24/7 No passwords.  Some custom maps will be uploaded soon.
Matt's tfq2 IMatt's ICQ is 69053803 or Email Monday thru Friday 10:00p.m.-2:00 a.m. eastern US time "Enable all download options to get maps.   There might be some lag since I'm on a dial up modem, but nonetheless have fun!"
Hot_Rod The name, Fragging is my game :) 7 days a week The time I'm running the sever is : 3:30 Pm - 11:30Pm ET or 12:30Pm - 8:30PM PT. "I will allow cheating because I am going to be using GOD MODE!
Frag limit set at : 000     Time limit set at : 000     Max Players set at : 65(counting me) Set download options to all."
Frogbot 7 days a week All the time? None at this time.
CW's Public Server Pretty much all the time Pretty much all the time. Might go down for an hour or two at the time, not very often though, be sure to have all downloadable options set to yes to get the maps, if IP doesn't work contact me ICQ 40105526, AIM name Rhino012, email .
Mouse's Magic Server 7 days a week, with holiday exceptions After school (7:00 Eastern - 4:00 Eastern standard time) Got ICQ? get me on your list! ICQ#:. 74425780
Flint's Server or 7 days a week 9am MST to 11pm MST Monday threw Sunday. Hosted by > on Windows XP Pro by a Pentium 3 750mhz > 160megs of ram 80gig on a Cable connection.
Charlie's Server 7 days a week All the time? ICQ#: 7701397
Matthew Avey 7 days a week Noon until midnight central time Web Site: