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Jason  Seip Blackbird Models, Skinwork, Creator of TFQ Founder Retired
Rikki Knight Phukyumoto(CW) Skins, models Founder Inactive
Gaudenzio Civita AlphaPrime(CW) Coder of Version 4, Models, Textures, Web Site design
evelopment, Message Board admin
Mike Cassidy Bruticus(CW) Models, message board moderator Passively Active
Eric Rarick IronMagnus(CW) Head Message Board / Chat Moderator & Administrator Passively Active
Daryl Huhn DepthCharge(CW) Testing, Site updates, Editor, Message Board, Web Site admin Inactive
Cameron Peterson EvilDead(CW) Assistant Message Board moderator Inactive
Brian Shelton Sloth(CW) Models Inactive
Daniel Defuso Gears(CW) Site maintenance; Message Board Administration Inactive
Steven Bock Qasar Models, skins, sounds, textures, basic scripting,
Web Site admin, gen development
Joseph Otey Multicron Level /Map Author, textures Inactive
Eric Harrington Skeezer Coder of Version 1 & 2 Inactive
Neil Richardson Phantasiere Coder of Version 3 & Lua Script Inactive
Mark Schemers  Bomark Sound design Inactive

Prominent Contributors to TFQ
The Silent Team Members of TFQ





Cybertron Warriors!! *(CW) TFQ's Elite Team ; The Ones who have kept the dream of TFQ alive!
Rachel Bishop  Tankor(CW) Rachel's spark joined the matrix on February 29th, 2016. May she rest in peace.
Griffin Harmon Pursuit(CW)   Original Designer of many great TFQ compatible skins
Wes Thomason DefcoN(CW)   Levels Designed for TFQ  Cybertron
Modeller of TFQ Hound ; Contributed to TFQ Wheeljack skin
George Bruce TrailBreaker(CW)   Models, Skins, Textures
Guinness TriggerHappy2112   Levels Designed for TFQ  The Smelting Pool, Small Town, Race Track, Unstable Energy, Lava,
Snaptrap's Backyard, AirSpace,Gdm1itest,Shotgun
Dan Witty Canobis Levels Designed for TFQ  Bruticus' Domain, Crystal City, Moon Base, Sherman Dam
Joseph Otey MultiCron Levels Designed for TFQ  Unicron, Inside Unicron, Descent, Water and Acid,
Eye of the Storm, Belly of the Beast, The Touch, Final Escape,The Monster Planet, Credits
Jason Jeannette Bugman BugDM Levels  Bludgeon, One Man's Junk, The Septic Tank
Albert Ng Albnok Levels Designed for TFQ  Makeshift Space Relay; Cybertronian Hazard Course 2;
Cybertronian Race Course 2
Modeller of many great TFQ compatible models
Reg Warner Raijin Z   Levels Designed for TFQ  Crypt (Autobot Mausoleum)
Steve Urban Soundwave2k   Levels Designed for TFQ  Decepticon Under-Sea Headquarters
Richard Whatley Koollayd Previous Distributor of TFQ models and skins
DJ Kehoe         Rattrap Contributed to Wireframe for TFQ Megatron (lower legs and reference)
Modeller of many great TFQ compatible models
Trevor Fitzroy Crypticon Author of many great custom character skins
Scott 'Sundance' Fry Redline Model History Tracker and Author of several TFQ skins
Derk Vrijdag R.I.P   Modeller of TFQ Powerglide model
David Salaiz Diesel_Eyez Contributed to Wireframe for TFQ Megatron (Head part)
  Stringy1   Mesh Design of TFQ Optimus Prime and Snarl; + co Skinwork for Snarl
Troy Hina Crunch10c Mesh Design of TFQ Rumble / Frenzy
Kevin Johnstone Rorshach Additional skinwork and cleanup
Derrick Berlin     Contributed to TFQ Mirage and Red Alert skins
Santiago Rodriguez     Contributed to TFQ Wheeljack skin
Dan Bickell DanBickell Modeller of TFQ Jetfire model >>Valkyrie VF1s
Ryan 'Choncha' Nunn Colourless Original Chasecam Source Code


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Bruticus's bio





I use Q2Modeler for model design and animation, NST for skin mapping and Paint Shop Pro for skin editing. I have followed the Transformers cartoon series and product line since 1984. I have enjoyed the scope and the well constructed history of the transformers series. The success of transformers wouldn't have been possible without companies such as Hasbro, Takara, Sunbow and the great many voice actors, story writers, music composers and talented transformers universe contributors.

TFQ could be one of the most complete Quake2 mods that has been put together to date. TFQ has been built with absolutely no profit in mind, except for the enjoyment of those who might decide to play it. This mod also has also been contributed to collectively by more people than most other Quake mods to date. I appreciate the opportunity in being able to contribute to the continuation of this mod. I would like to help complete this mod the way that Jay would have wanted to see it completed. From Monday to Friday I work as an IT support analyst. I am currently obtaining Microsoft certification by sitting many exams. I love computer games, and have an interest in becoming a full time game developer.





 perfectionist, Constantly strives to improve, I have been Into 'Transformers'  since the late 70's (Robots that change into cars and stuff are just the coolest Period!)
I would like to see this mod complete with many add-ons (different character sets & m
aps) and will do all in my power to make that happen.
But Gen1 will always be the best!,,,,,Long Live TFQ2!!





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